MATHS TUTOR for Class 12 failed compartment students

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1. Only ONLINE COACHING for 2020 maths compartment students

2. Fees are reduced from Rs. 20,000 (package) to Rs. 15,000 (package) for 2020 CBSE students

Maths Tutor for Class 12 CBSE failed students

Passing class 12 maths is increasingly difficult for some under-prepared students.

Prof Roy's MATHS TUTOR DELHI network has mastered the science of teaching a 4 week crash course to pass the mathematics failed students of CBSE Class 12 via the compartment exam method.

Students who were expecting more than 85% marks in chemistry and physics say the maths exam is making them worry as it brings down the overall percentage in Class 12,

Compartment coaching / tuitions for Class 12 mathematics CBSE retest for students who have failed in maths

Since this is a highly specialised "crash course" it is only taken at Maths Tutor Delhi's centre using senior faculty and a proven approach. It is expected that the student will do extensive home study / self study in addition to the classroom work for proper CBSE class 12 compartment maths tuition in Delhi.

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Course Duration:  4 weeks - starts 3 days after results are announced.

Course venues : Defence Colony centre and Dwarka centre

Course fees :  Rs. 10,000 approx. (inclusive of course material) (for 2017 batch)

REVISED FEES for 2020 batch is Rs. 20,000 and course is only at Defence Colony centre (6 seats) ... BOOK EARLY

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Chapters of Class 12, XII mathematics books for compartment coaching of class 12 mathematics tutors in Delhi


  1. Relations and Functions.
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Function.
  3. Matrices and Determinants
  4. Continuity.
  5. Differentiability.
  6. Application of Derivative.
  7. Integral Calculus
  8. Applications of Integration
  9. Differential Equations.
  10. Vector Algebra
  11. 3-Dimensional Geometry
  12. Linear Programming
  13. Probability
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