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Dwarka, Maths Home tutor in Dwarka.

"In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."-- Mark Twain

Prof Rao's Maths tutor in Delhi network
has the best maths tutors in Dwarka for those truly exceptional and dedicated students who will not settle for anything less than perfection and need the right private coaching to achieve it. The members of Prof Rao's team have all used high level mathematics in practical real life applications, and are not bound by poor quality text books and badly designed curricula designed for the lowest common denominator when it come to programming young minds to achieve "maths sentience" - a zen like state achieved through suffering.

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The South Delhi areas of Dwarka, also known as Pappankalan, is very well covered by Maths tutors in Delhi team, the elite home tuition in Delhi network for those parents who want only the best mathematics home tuitions in Delhi for their wards.

Knowledge is Life with wings.” -- Kahlil Gibran

Dwarka Maths home tuition
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DWARKA Overview:

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has planned and constructed this posh area of South Delhi. The flats in Dwarka have better finishing than other HIG housing projects in Delhi and have three bedrooms, a drawing room, a dining area and attached quarters for domestic help with car parking a DDA official said.

The planning of Dwarka is sector wise with a highly educated residential population having one of the highest density of school to population. Some of the well known schools of Dwarka listed are :-

List of Dwarka schools, nursery schools,

Dwarka Sector-1 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-2 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-3 Maths Tutor

Delhi Public School Dwarka
Sector 3, Phase-I Dwarka
New Delhi 110075

Dwarka Sector-4 Maths Tutor

N.K.Bagrodia Public School
Sector-4, Dwarka,
New Delhi 110078
011-25087511, 25073838

Dwarka Sector-5 Maths Tutor

BGS International School
Sector 5, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075

Dwarka Sector-6 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-7 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-8 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-9 Maths Tutor

ITL Public School
Sector 9, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-25071251/ 2/3

Dwarka Sector-10 Maths Tutor

Indraprastha International School
Sector 10, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-25073111, 25073222, 65458502

Dwarka Sector-11 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-12 Maths Tutor

Bal Bharati Public School
Sec-12, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-28031955, 28031970

Dwarka Sector-13 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-14 Maths Tutor

Nirmal Bhartia School
Sector- 14 , Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-32584638, 25078319

Dwarka Sector-15 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-16 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-17 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-18 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-19 Maths Tutor

Shanti Gyan International
Goyla, Near Sector 19, Dwarka
New Delhi 110071
011-25316871/ 872

Shanti Gyan Niketan Public School
Sector- 19 , Dwarka
New Delhi 110071
011-25316971, 25316972, 25316973

Dwarka Sector-20 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-21 Maths Tutor

Dwarka Sector-22 Maths Tutor

Mount Carmel School
Sector - 22, Phase - 1, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-28052001, 28052002

Dwarka Sector-23 Maths Tutor

Delhi International School
Sector- 23 , Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-2536 6999

Basava International School
Site - 1, Sector - 23, Dwarka
New Delhi 110075
011-65251493, 28051462