NTA IIT JEE 2023 coaching for repeaters, droppers

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So you want to be an engineer and have been "bold" enough to take a drop in 2023 to repeat IIT JEE mains in 2024 or BITSAT 2024. Then here for you is a brief 'iit jee preparation tips for repeaters' checklist for all the IITJEE 2024 repeaters  looking for

Best IIT JEE 2023 coaching classes for repeaters. droppers in Delhi

Best IIT JEE 2023 coaching classes for repeaters. droppers in Delhi

Call 99535-86513 for the best iit jee repeaters course in Delhi

NTA IIT JEE repeaters eligibility

1) IIT JEE 2023 droppers should have obtained at least 75% in 12th Boards to be eligible for any Centrally funded IIT / NIT / IIIT, or else droppers should be totally focussed for lesser entrance exams like VITEEE 2024 or UPTU 2024 etc.

Time table for iit jee droppers

2) NTA IIT JEE repeaters should be prepared to study for at least 8 hours every day - 6 days a week and not get distracted.

IIT JEE repeaters best preparation strategy

3) IIT repeaters  should totally cut off from time-wasting distractions - girls / boys, Youtube, PC / Android games etc. and call 99535-86513 for the best iit jee repeaters institute in Delhi

IIT JEE dropper coaching class tips

4) IIT Mains droppers should unlearn / burn / sell as raddi all the crap IIT Jee instititue modules their parents paid lakhs for at coaching classes, tutorials like Aakash, Allen, FIITJEE, Resonance , Vibrant, Bansal or otherwise obtained from Kota's hi-tech IIT JEE Mains cheating industry.

Tips for iit jee droppers

5) If the repeater's CBSE marks are between 60% and 75% they should also be focussed on the lesser entrance exams alongside JEE Mains.

Best IIT JEE books for droppers and repeaters

Best IIT JEE books for droppers and repeaters

6) IIT JEE 2023 droppers  should build up a small library of books which should include at the very least

  • NCERT text books and their solution books (from market ND, Arihant...) for class 10, 11 and 12. (Yes- class 10 is a must)
  • NCERT exemplars and their solution books for class 11 and 12.
  • CBSE Maths - RS Agrawal (Class 10, 11, 12)   - RD Sharma CBSE books are very good for CBSE but not suggested for a dropper's competition preparation
  • CBSE Physics - HC Verma (Foundation : Class 9,10 and Concepts class 11,12).
  • CBSE Chemistry - Either S.P Jouhar (Modern Chemistry) or Pradeep's Chemistry - for classes 11 and 12.
  • The 3 volumes of Arihant's 40 day IIT JEE series in PCM - Useful as daily practice but answers / solutions are often wrong so use with care
  • The 3 volumes of some "44 year" type  Chapterwise solutions in PCM (physics chemistry mathematics).

FINALLY:  Definitely get 1 (and only 1) "Master" IIT JEE Mains competition book for each subject (Physics Chemistry Mathematics) . Do not make the mistake of using "tough" books which are targeted towards IIT JEE Advanced exam levels, or using too many books per subject (you will get totally confused). Each such book should have a very detailed theory / concept section with relevant formulae, sufficient Tier-1 questions and lots of Tier-II/Tier-III questions.

Call 99535-86513 for the best iit jee droppers coaching classes in Delhi

IIT JEE drop year do's and don'ts

With all these materials in hand go off and SELF-STUDY. If you are lucky enough you may also convince a guru tutor at MATHSTUTORDELHI who takes on up to 3 or 4 students each year to take you as shisya for SELF STUDY mentoring for IIT JEE Mains.

JEE Main 2020 Preparation Strategy for Repeaters

Remember it is better to MASTER 20 difficult and diverse problems per topic instead of merely "solving' 200 problems / topic.

Pro tip:  Using a scientific calculator while practicing is an important productivity booster.

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Best strategies for IIT JEE droppers and repeaters
Best strategies for IIT JEE droppers and repeaters

IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Delhi

How racketeering IIT JEE COACHING CLASSES reduced IIT's "raw input" to performing monkeys doing trivial robotic non-tasks and destroyed their knowledge.

Best IIT JEE repeaters strategy for preparation
JEE Mains 2024 - Best IIT JEE repeaters preparation strategy

IIT JEE Maths coaching in Delhi

"Mathematics coaching for IIT-JEE is a discipline which builds rock-solid fundamentals backed up with regular practice in rigorous application"

However, almost every IIT JEE coaching "institute" derogates these basics by directly throwing the student into the shark tank of mechanical problem solving with inadequate base which they pass off as "modules". An average class has 80 students crammed into small rooms with inadequate ventilation.