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The South Delhi area of Defence Colony, also known as DefCol, is very well covered by Maths Tutors Delhi team, the elite network for those parents who want only the best mathematics home tuition in Delhi for their wards.

Prof Roy's Maths tutor in Delhi network has the best maths tutors of Defence Colony for those truly exceptional and dedicated students who will not settle for anything less than perfection and who only need the proper private coaching to achieve it. The members of Prof Roy's team have all used high level mathematics in practical real life applications, and are not bound by poor quality text books and badly designed curricula designed for the lowest common denominator when it come to programming young minds to achieve maths sentience - a zen like state achieved through suffering.

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Re: Illegal Shops and Tutor Bureaus in Defence Colony Market

Defence Colony New Delhi-110024

We would like to bring to your notice that quality of life in lndia’s Capital has gone from bad to worst, deteriorated standard of comfortable living to a very large extent. It requires a time bound action plan to strengthen the planning and implementation by law enforcing agencies or else our city which has recently hosted Common Wealth games and has tried to bring it to world class city, would soon be amongst most unplanned and unlivable places in the world.

MPD 2021 was introduced in Feb. 2007. It tried to bring in a semblance of Planned Development and proper demarcation of industrial, Commercial, Mixed Land Use and Residential Areas. Over the time the lines got blurred, due to various amendments, easing of Norms making the MPD 202l a confused Plan, benefiting vested interests at the cost of hapless law abiding citizens. The rules for different Colonies have to be different and one type of Rules can not fit all colonies and this approach will be counter-productive. For example the needs and reality of Kotla Mubarak Pur, Gautam Nagar, Shahpur Jat and Masjid Moth and that of Defence Colony cannot be the same. Rules should be Sensible and Implementable, otherwise, the corrupt will find their way through and make undue gains, leaving the Law abiding Citizen feeling Cheated.

The Cell Towers are exposure to Radiation which is harmful for humans and even more for infants and birds. The clause of taking permission from RWAs is being flouted.

Since it is a matter of Public Health there should be complete ban on Towers in Residential Areas. Towers may be installed in Commercial centers or after due tests of safety zone. Operators should invest in safe technologies rather than expose residents to risk. It is known fact that the common SPARROWS have vanished from our city and we do not see them any more in our houses.