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Best TUITION for 2020 COMPARTMENT CBSE Class 12 maths and Class 10 mathsCall  99535-86513 for Maths Tutors Delhi

Maths Tutor Delhi's experienced tutors fully guide and prepare unfortunately failed students to succeeed in their Compartment retests

Compartment coaching / tuitions for Class 12 mathematics CBSE retest for students who have failed in maths


1. Only ONLINE COACHING for 2020 maths compartment students

2. Fees are reduced from Rs. 20,000 (package) to Rs. 15,000 (package) for 2020 CBSE students

Since this is a highly specialised "crash course" from 2020 it is only taken at our Defence Colony centre using our senior faculty and a proven approach. It is expected that the student will do extensive home study / self study in addition to the classroom work for proper CBSE class 12 compartment maths tuition in Delhi.

Since Maths Tutor Delhi are the proven masters of CBSE compartment our SEATS FILL UP FAST you must book / register early. Due to intensive / personal nature of course we only upto 8 or 10 students per batch.

Call 99535-86513 for Maths Tutors Delhi

Course Duration:  5 weeks (5 days per week, 3 hours per day) - course commences  3 days after results are announced.

Course venues : Defence Colony centre

Course fees :  Rs. 20,000 approx. (inclusive of course material).

CBSE class 12th results 2020: Know about compartment exams, improvement exams, re-evaluation of marks etc.

FAQ on Class 12 compartment examsCall 99535-86513 for Maths Tutors Delhi

What is a "compartment" exam ?

CBSE offers a second opportunity to students to improve marks in CBSE class 12th exams via compartment exams and improvement papers. CBSE also allows students to apply for verification or re-evaluation of marks.

How many chances at compartment are allowed ?

There are three (3) subsequent attempts allowed for compartment examinations in class 12th, ie. if a candidate appeared for 2017 examination and placed in "compartment" then he can appear in July the same year, second chance in March/April and third chance in July of next year.

The marks may increase or decrease on verification/ evaluation and the candidate will have to accept the revised result.

Call 99535-86513 for Maths Tutors Delhi70% students who give compartment fail again

Without proper compartment coaching, a weak student is unlikely to improve. The causes of failure are often unrelated to the student and are the result of poor quality teaching in schools, wrong books and course material, lack of proper foundation in concepts and exam solving methods, and lack of supervised practice.

With the CBSE Class 12th results around the corner, the number of students getting compartment result in mathematics is likely to be be at a record high this year.

In case the candidate has passed in practical at the main examination, he/she is allowed to appear in the theory part only and marks in practical obtained at the main examination are carried forward and accounted for. In case a candidate has failed in practical he/she shall have to appear in theory and practical both irrespective of the fact that he/she has already cleared the theory examination.Call 99535-86513 for Maths Tutors Delhi