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The South Delhi area of New Delhi South Extension, also known as NDSE or SouthEx, is very well covered by Maths Tutors Delhi team, the elite network for those parents who want only the best mathematics home tuition in Delhi for their wards.

Prof Rao's Maths tutor in Delhi has the best maths tutors for South Extension  for those truly exceptional and dedicated students who will not settle for anything less than perfection and need the right private coaching to achieve it. The members of Prof Rao's team have all used high level mathematics in practical real life applications, and are not bound by poor quality text books and badly designed curricula designed for the lowest common denominator when it come to programming young minds to achieve maths sentience - a zen like state achieved through suffering.

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Re: Illegal tuition shops  in South Ex side lanes:

When the Master Plan 2021 was being drawn up there appears to have been an oversight in so far as the two roads Rajeshwar Arya Marg and Hargyan Singh Arya Marg in NDSE I, the MCD did not take cognizance that they were in fact in pre-1962 colonies and came to be categorized under A to G being mixed land use. At the time of review DDA should have the error examined so that the oversight is corrected and further instructions should be given to make the necessary amendments for mixed land use of the two roads i.e. RAJESHWAR ARYA MARG AND HARGYAN SINGH ARYA MARG IN NDSE PART 1 and South Extension Part I should also be included in the list of pre 1962 colonies and NDSE Part I should be given all the benefits and facilities which are given to all the other pre-l962 colonies enabling full retail shops to operate from basement floor and ground floor on the above mentioned roads only. For South Extension (Part 1) Market Association (Regd) (side lanes) Rajesh Kumar, Secretary.