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Free online tutoring available through MyPortal
Cati Meyer, Staff Reporter, May 6, 2014

Since the beginning of spring quarter, De Anza College has offered its students free online tutoring through their “MyPortal” account. The tutoring services are provided and funded through De Anza’s Distance Learning Center and Student Success Center. More than 40 subjects are offered with live tutors available several hours per  day or upon pre-scheduled request. The most popular subjects are math, chemistry, physics and accounting, as well as the essay center and the grammar and documentation review. Due to the difficulty of tutoring math online, a majority of the math tutors are available 24/7 to help students in live chats in areas such as algebra, calculus and statistics.

Fwd: [Maths Tutors] Brooks: Making Math Accessible

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Brooks: Making Math Accessible

By DAVID BROOKS May 8, 2014

Coming to Dartmouth, I hoped to finally have the opportunity to pursue an interest in math with thoughts of minoring. I took the math placement test but was worried about not having any background in trigonometry. A math professor told me not to worry. My algebra was solid, so he suggested I take Math 3 and teach myself trigonometry during my spare time. Looking back, that idea was laughable. I had two pretty hard courses in addition to Math 3. I made an attempt and even had two wonderful friends do their best to help me through it. Maybe I could have done more to succeed, but I would have had to make this pursuit my sole focus of the term. Eventually, I dropped to Math 1. But it was too late, and I was too far behind. I withdrew from the course.

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