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CBSE class 12 Mathematics papers are giving nightmares to students and parents alike, and unscrupulous CBSE maths tutors for class 12 and CBSE home tuition for class xii coaching classes are cashing in on parental anxiety.

With the CBSE 2016 Mathematics class 12 results out on 20 May 2016 ,  students from New Delhi, Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, Jaipur are apprehensive that their Maths results will affect their overall percentages and they will need TUITION for COMPARTMENT CBSE Class 12 maths.

Thousand of students who took the CBSE mathematics exam in 2016 were driven to tears because the question paper was unusually lengthy and tough, causing the CBSE to set up an expert committee to look into the grievances. But when the actual CBSE class 12 mathematics results were announced students were bitterly disappointed.

"I am worried that my CBSE class 12 maths marks may affect my overall percentage,” said Tanmay Nath, student of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road."

"A student from Punjab, Sehaj Deep, said she had never expected that the CBSE class 12 maths exam would be so tough as she had prepared well but the exam proved to be much more difficult. I am expecting more than 85% marks in chemistry and physics but maths exam is making me worry as it may bring down the overall percentage in Class 12,” said Deep."

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CBSE Results 2016: No leniency was adopted in checking Class 12 Math paper, tough question sets would prevail next year. The class xii mathematics examination, which CBSE conducted on March 14, left most of the appeared candidates with a teary eye.

The CBSE class 12 mathematics exam left most candidates with teary eyes, with the questions being extremely difficult and marking scheme contrary the board's past practice. Most candidates failed to complete the paper. Also, Higher Order Thinking (HOTS) questions, which are usually the final part of question paper, carrying 6 marks each, were assigned only 4 marks.

Why doing the CBSE class 12 Math was a tough task

BENGALURU: A majority of the students, who got their CBSE Class 12 results on Saturday seems disappointed with their scores in Mathematics.

Though they secured good marks in other subjects, the marks secured in Mathematics seems poor and according to students, the Mathematics paper haunted them as it had ‘tougher’ questions.

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Mathematics professor Rakesh Sharma said “Either the board should reconduct the exams, or adopted a liberal attitude at the time of checking”,  However, CBSE teachers who evaluated the CBSE class XII math paper 2016 denied adopting a soft method while marking. "Since the board did not send any such guidelines to the examiners, the pattern of correction remained as usual".